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Oral Vaccines

US BIOLOGIC‘s oral-delivery platform allows us to create a variety of vaccines and target multiple species.

To give one example, we are developing an orally delivered Lyme vaccine targeting the main disease reservoir for the disease, the white-footed mouse. Historically, this population would be “untouchable”, as no traditional vaccine campaign could be carried out on millions of mice.

With an orally delivered vaccine, though, vaccines may be distributed in targeted areas and quickly consumed by mice in that area.

As another example, US BIOLOGIC has partnered with the USDA Agricultural Research Service to create an orally delivered (e.g., in the water supply) vaccine to help prevent coccidiosis, a devastating disease that affects the U.S. and global poultry industry. Vaccines do exist, but implementing these vaccines is time-consuming and expensive. Not all farmers can use these technologies.

US BIOLOGIC is making these vaccine programs possible for everyone.

To contact US BIOLOGIC, please email us at info@usbiologic.com.