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    “With the help of Earth-watching satellites, scientists can identify high-risk “hot spots” for deadly diseases before outbreaks strike.” –

    No solution is effective if not applied at the right location and at the right time.

    Predictive analytics use open data that combines information from the environment with that provided by satellite imagery, all tied together by predictive analytics into a useful toolset to inform disease prevention experts, such as the CDC and USDA, where to pinpoint interventions proactively, stopping disease before it starts.

    US BIOLOGIC is working to implement ZOOHUB, a global toolset, to detect multiple diseases and create “actionable data” that allows acre-by-acre information to help disease prevention experts provide point of disease prevention.

    When fully developed, everyone will be able to access and use this open-data, open-source toolset, providing a platform for others to share their own disease prevention data all over the world.

    This disease prevention toolset, combined with One Health interventions, could change forever the way we protect ourselves from disease.

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