Livestock Health

A wide range of diseases, like those caused by infected ticks, can devastate livestock populations.

The transmission of these bacteria, fungi, and viruses via ticks leads to skin inflammation, stress, and anemia, all resulting in reduced meat quality and milk production.

US BIOLOGIC and its partners are creating orally delivered vaccines for "ruminants", those hoofed animals with multiple stomachs.

These programs hold the promise to transform how we protect the health of one of the world's most important sources of milk and protein.

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US Biologic Livestock Health tick and Lyme disease prevention

About One Health

“One Health is the concept that the health of animals, the health of people, and the viability of ecosystems are intricately linked.” – USDA

US BIOLOGIC is a “One Health” company, which means we see disease prevention as a process across multiple species, including companion, food, and wildlife animals, and humans. This approach has been strongly supported by the CDCUSDA, and companies like ours.

(NOAA One Health 2019)