One Health

“One Health is the concept that the health of animals, the health of people, and the viability of ecosystems are intricately linked.” – USDA

US BIOLOGIC is a “One Health” company, which means we see disease prevention as a process across multiple species, including companion, food, and wildlife animals, and humans. This approach has been strongly supported by the CDCUSDA, and companies like ours.

(Source: Elanco Animal Health)

Our world faces infectious disease challenges from multiple sources. In many cases, a “vector”, like a mosquito or a tick, can sicken another animal or a human. The latter is called a “zoonotic” disease, which, according to the CDC, account for “more than 6 out of every 10 infectious diseases in humans”.

These diseases spread due to a variety of factors that include wildlife, insect populations, and the ecological conditions in the places we live, like temperature and foliage. To understand and address these interconnections and help prevent disease, a One Health approach is necessary.

A One Health intervention, therefore, delivers disease prevention such as orally delivered vaccines to reduce harmful bacteria in the environment, as well as targeted tick and mosquito reduction solutions.

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