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Orally Delivered Vaccine Pellets for Mice

Protecting your family and pets is your number one priority, and tick-borne diseases like Lyme can devastate those infected. You can protect yourself through a variety of means such as tick checks, personal pesticide sprays, and lawn maintenance. Another, newer way, is to stop the transmission of Lyme disease by vaccinating the mice on your residential property.

The vaccine pellets works like any other - A mouse that consumes the pellet can be inoculated against Lyme disease.

How the LymeShield Station Works

The LymeShield Station holds the vaccine pellets securely in six separate chambers. Every few weeks, a new chamber opens, and mice in the area have access. Most properties only require one station that is easily installed and maintained.

US Biologic orally delivered Lyme disease vaccine pellets

What You Have to Do

Nothing. The LymeShield Station, once loaded by a pest-management professional, functions on its own and requires a refill of pellets only once a quarter for year-long coverage.

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US Biologic LymeShield Station

Background Research

The vaccine pellet technology has been tested in field conditions for over 10 years.

According to a study published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases (abstract), the authors demonstrated the vaccine pellet technology reduced the prevalence of infected ticks by 76% in field conditions.  The authors state:

Implementation of such a long-term public health measure could substantially reduce the risk of human exposure to Lyme disease.

This vaccine pellet approach could be complemented by an integrated tick management program that includes mouse and tick-reduction programs, such as those currently employed by pest-management professionals.


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