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New York Post Features US Biologic’s Lyme Vaccine

One study published in the journal Experimental and Applied Acarology in 2020 showed that oral vaccines deposited throughout 32 residential properties in Redding, Connecticut led to a significant decrease in infected mice, falling 24% in one year.

Another study with the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Dutchess County showed a 74% decrease throughout the five-year study, per stats compiled by US Biologic.

It’s presumed that the number would be greater if food pellets were distributed for longer. Additionally, if an infected tick bites a mouse that has consumed the pellets, it will be cleared of the bacteria.

The USDA granted US Biologic a conditional license in May 2023 to distribute the food pellets through pest control companies, the company said. Now, President Chris Przybyszewski said it will be moving toward full licensure.

“Every state I’ve talked to, they understand the gravity of this disease and they understand the need for new solutions to complement everything else we’re doing,” he said.

“People need to not be afraid to go outside.”

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