US Biologic OrisBio Oral-Delivery Platform
OrisBio US Biologic Oral Delivery Platform

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Orally delivered animal solutions to benefit humans and the environment

Different Species – Different Routes – Different Vaccines

Product development at US BIOLOGIC begins with an animal target species and disease model. Our scientists determine the antigens most likely to be effective against the target diseases, and we examine closely the gut and digestive path of the target animal. Each animal species is different, as is its feeding habits, its environments, and its biome.

US Biologic OrisBio oral delivery platform targeting diseases in mice

Field Mouse

  • Wild-bred
  • Can carry multiple pathogens
  • Outdoors
  • Large numbers
  • Multiple environments
  • Uncontrolled eating habits
  • Single-stomach digestive track
US Biologic OrisBio oral delivery platform targeting canine diseases


  • Wild-bred or pure-breed
  • Indoor or outdoors
  • Multiple sizes / breeds
  • Large numbers
  • Controlled or uncontrolled eating habits
  • Strong preferences for certain foods
  • Single-stomach digestive track
US Biologic OrisBio oral delivery platform targeting poultry diseases


  • Controlled breeding
  • Food animal
  • Multiple stocks and lifespans (breeder, broiler, layer)
  • Large numbers
  • Special feed / water requirements (focus on nutrition)
  • Single stomach with crop digestive track
US Biologic OrisBio oral delivery platform targeting livestock diseases


  • Controlled breeding
  • Multiple breeds / sizes
  • Food animal (meat and milk)
  • Long lifespan
  • Special feed / water requirements (focus on nutrition)
  • Multi-stomached digestive track

Substrate Components

  • Allows integration of diverse and species-specific substrates on which vaccines / therapeutics / additives may be incorporated as an amalgam or as a spray-on.
  • Enables targeted gut placement while maintaining integrity in harsh GI environments.
  • Features the use of coarse textures, providing mechanical stimulation of the animal’s innate immune system.
  • Includes Kibble (smaller animal); Chewable treats (large and small animals); Hard chews (e.g., chew bone); Effervescent tablets (for water system application); and Powders (water or feed application).
US Biologic OrisBio oral delivery platform media
US Biologic pellets - oral delivery media
US Biologic gummies - oral delivery media
US Biologic animal treats - oral delivery media

Bacterial Expression Vehicle Component

  • Vehicle inactivation (downstream process, maintains whole-cell, non-GMO, USDA-supported, increased shelf-life).
  • Recombinant antigen expression system – AVOIDS use of sub-disease or attenuated infectious agents
  • Molecular adjuvantization (cost reduction / no chemical complications).
  • Features:
    • Gut-microbiome friendly (i.e., prebiotic and probiotic) bacterial vehicles
    • Supports complementary antigens, prodrugs, etc.
    • Allows active ingredient inclusion
General Example - Bacterial Vehicle and Protein
US Biologic OrisBio oral delivery platform

Chemical Encapsulation Component

  • Matrix features encapsulation, allowing flexibility in addressing variant levels of gut pH.
  • Matrix serves as a prebiotic.
  • Matrix application is high-throughput, low-cost, and resistant to heat.
  • Matrix, along with inactivation, allows extended shelf-life.

Manufacturing Features

  • Avoids energy-intensive expense of lyophilization.
  • Low-cost capital equipment build / compact design.
  • Allows distributed manufacturing centers.
  • Modular equipment design: Allows coating of a variety of pellet substrates or powdered variants.
  • High throughput pellet-coating:
  • Large quantity of doses with maintained batch consistency.
  • Combined with stabilized inactivation, avoids many challenges associated with cold-chain transport.
US Biologic OrisBio oral delivery platform Global Translation Program


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