Investments that make the world a healthier, safer place.

US BIOLOGIC is a social innovation company that works with world-renowned scientists to commercialize their solutions and reduce diseases like Coronavirus, Ebola, Lyme, Malaria, and Zika.

We then work with our global distribution partners to bring these products to market worldwide.

Many organizations work for the common good, but not all have the flexibility of US BIOLOGIC to partner with a variety of entities to create strategic collaborations that result in global change.

US BIOLOGIC has a track record in earning global innovation investment, government grants, and industry contracts for our work.

We welcome all queries from any interested “impact investor” – those individuals or institutions that seek to do public good while demanding an outstanding healthcare and financial ROI – and who wish to add themselves to our growing list of partners and our world-class leadership team.

Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions or comments.


Company Assets

  • Development partnerships (contract, NACA, CRADA, SBIR) with USDA ARS, USDA NIFA, and global universities and research centers
  • Industry partnerships / development contracts
  • Strong intellectual property / trademark position

Intellectual Properties

  • Oral Vaccine for Borrelia; 2005 US
  • Composition & Method for Reducing Zoonotic Infectious Disease; 2015 CA, CN, EP; 2016 US
  • Method for Reducing Zoonotic Infectious Disease (pending; divisional of Composition & Method for Reducing Zoonotic Infectious Disease)
  • Time Release Application and Monitoring System; 2017 CA, CN, EP, US
  • Oral E. coli Vector-Based Vaccine for Prevention of Coccidiosis in Poultry; 2017  CN, US
  • A Viral-Vectored Composition and Method of Use (pending)
  • Composition and Method of an Orally Administered Antimicrobial Peptide Vectored in a Bacterial Expression Vehicle (pending)