• Solutions

    “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin

    US BIOLOGIC reduces zoonotic disease by combining One Health solutions with biologistics. These solutions can be of invaluable use to all professionals who work to reduce disease such as pest-management professionals, public health officials, and veterinarians.

    Leadership & Partners

    US BIOLOGIC’s greatest strength is its world-class leadership and partners whom we integrate into cohesive programs where everyone leverages the other’s strengths. US BIOLOGIC is that nexus at which all entities can join together, achieving more than anyone could on their own.


    US BIOLOGIC is a “Little R, Big D” company. We don’t create the basic science behind solutions. Instead, we take technologies proven in the lab and field, commercialize them, and then we work with our global distribution partners to bring these solutions to market worldwide.


    A priority in today’s pharmaceutical market is to quickly produce millions of vaccine doses for pennies a dose. US BIOLOGIC has revolutionized the pharmaceutical production process, allowing for cost-efficient, high-throughput manufacturing of a variety of vaccines and therapeutics.

    US BIOLOGIC is creating the next generation of ecofriendly solutions that maintain the natural balance while at the same time reducing disease.

    To contact US BIOLOGIC, please email us at info@usbiologic.com.

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